What to play at home? These sports game equipment is growing rapidly! Jan 24, 2022

What to play at home? These sports game equipment is growing rapidly!

According to the data, since the outbreak, sales of indoor sports goods and sports goods suitable for use in your own backyard have risen significantly and exponentially! Today, let me introduce you to these products properly.

1.Dart Board
Dart board has long been one of the most popular indoor sports and is suitable for both men and women of all ages, with a wide variety of products for different sellers to choose from. Dart board is one of the four fastest growing categories on the site over the past two months, and can be divided into iron, rubber, and electronic versions, each with different target groups, product specifications, and prices, so sellers should pay attention when purchasing.
Dart products can be broadly divided into: dartboard, darts, storage supplies and other peripherals, etc. A dart can be divided into a head, a shaft, a wing and a body. Therefore, darts are a seemingly simple category with many business opportunities.
Dartboard: There are three kinds of dartboard: iron, rubber and electronic
Darts: There are two types of darts: hard board darts and multi-part darts. The former are mostly suitable for electronic and plastic dartboards, while the latter are suitable for professional players or for use with iron dartboards.

2.Table Tennis Table

In the past two months, sales have increased sharply in one category, with the most significant growth in racket ball tables. Product specifications can be divided into two categories: professional training and competition, and home fun and recreation, with a wide range of prices and specifications. In addition, the sets (including rackets, nets and balls) are particularly suitable for home recreational use.

3.Billiard Table

The sales of these sports products have been growing exponentially recently, but sellers need to be aware when sourcing and selling: the British and American billiard sports are different.
The more popular game in Europe is Snooker, which is the kind of billiards Ding Junhui is good at.

The more popular game in the US and Canada is 8-ball or Pool Billiards.

Some of the equipment and configurations used in the two are different (e.g., the type of balls). Therefore, if sellers want to expand this category, they need to pay special attention to the differences between these two types of billiards. As for the tables, there are two types of products to choose from: pedestal (most of them can be folded and stored) and pedestal, which can meet the needs of different buyers.

4.Foosball Table

Foosball table is an entertaining game, like soccer supplies, foosball table also has a sales off-season, now because of the epidemic, many foreign consumers favor foosball table as an option for recreation and leisure at home. Soccer table has a seat type and seat table (most of the home can be folded and stored) two kinds.

5.Multi-game Table

The table sports table is also divided into two types of seated and seated table, can contain a number of different combinations of games, such as soccer, billiards, table tennis, etc., can also contain other table games, such as chess, etc., can also be three in one or even ten in one combination of games.

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