Professional Wholesale Sisal Bristle Dart board with Stainless Steel Darts Jan 24, 2022

Professional Wholesale Sisal Bristle Dart board with Stainless Steel Darts

Sisal dartboard is the most popular and best quality dartboard in modern times, and it is also the designated dartboard for all regular tournaments. Dartboards are made of sisal fiber. The high quality sisal dartboards produced in England are made of sisal from Africa (mainly Kenya). Most of the darts produced in China are made from Hainan Island, so many people used to call the sisal dartboard as Qiong sisal dartboard.

The production of sisal dartboard is more complicated than other dartboards, as the fibers are extruded with more than 10 tons of pressure, and then the outer ring is fixed with iron hoops. Therefore, a good sisal dartboard is moderately hard, and the dart holes will close automatically after the dart is pulled out of the board, which makes the service life much longer than other dartboards.

For players who practice darts from time to time, it is recommended to use a sisal dartboard, one is formal, the other is long life and its cost performance is the best.

With the continuous development of the factory, Huizhou Double Star Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. has added a new product line-dart board. Dart board is a very popular indoor game, which can help to train people's concentration and coordination. Our darts use special sisal as raw material, and are made by several procedures including cutting, polishing, printing and packaging. At present, the best-selling sisal dartboard is 18 inches in size, 1.5 inches in thickness, 1.37 meters in hanging height at the center point and 2.73 meters in bidding distance. We can meet customers' different customization requirements, including LOGO printing, packaging design, etc. At present, it is the off-season of our production line, and we have great advantages in terms of delivery time, price and quality. In addition, we can provide sample testing and support sample service, and promise to refund the sample fee in the second batch order. Wholesalers all over the world are welcome to inquire from us.

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