Why do you want to play table tennis and how to buy a table tennis table? Jan 24, 2022

1. Why play table tennis

Table tennis is a full-body sport that can help you lose weight, sweat and detoxify your body, your skin will look better, and your sleep quality will improve, so what are the other unique advantages of playing table tennis?

In addition to fitness, table tennis is also a sport that hones the will to experience the pressure of winning and losing and emotional control in a competitive game, which is helpful for the growth of the character of children and even older friends.

Table tennis is also a great test of coordination and reflexes, where you have to think about strategies and tactics, and also test your ability to play on the field, to be stronger inside, and to be unfazed by situations.

Table tennis is a social sport with many enthusiasts, and it is a sport that crosses ages, from a few years old to 70 or 80 years old, all of whom can become friends because of their hobby and join a circle of friends who meet for a common hobby.

Table tennis is also a great sport for the whole family to play together, promoting family harmony, kids, seniors, and the whole family to play together, a very good recreational activity. There are also many benefits to children playing, developing a hobby, and the competitive nature of table tennis makes the sport challenging and fun.

2、How to buy a table tennis table

The requirements for international competition table tennis tables are.

The table must be ITTF approved and the color can only be blue or green.

The following parameters are the focus of ITTF testing.

1. Length: 2740mm, width: 1525mm , height: 760mm, net width 1830, net height 152.5mm.

2, elasticity: from 300mm away from the table to release the ping pong ball, rebound height in 230~260mm.

3、Friction coefficient: <0.6

4、Reflectivity: not more than 15 degrees in MUNSELL system

5、The horizontal height of the table surface from the ground is 0.76m, and the thickness of the table is generally 18 to 30mm.

6, table tennis table along the four sides of the table should have a 2cm wide white line, parallel to the horizontal table surface is dark (international competition regulations should be dark dark dark green cellulose spray paint or paint), no luster, each court should be a 3mm wide white center line parallel to the side line is divided, this center line should be seen as the area of each right hemisphere field.

3、What are the main places where the ball table is used

1、The field is only used for playing, not for other purposes, is a fixed field.

2, temporarily used for playing, need to move often, as other venues are non-fixed venues.

If it is a fixed site, the priority is to choose a fixed ball table, cost-effective and stable, good security.

If it is not a fixed site, for example: placed in the living room, or gym, the need for storage or mobile, the priority is to consider foldable ball table, convenient storage.

Finally, think again, why do you want to play table tennis?

An additional hobby of ping pong allows you to sweat it out with three or five friends when you have nothing else to do.

When you have something to do, you can also have a good game together, and everything will be over, and it will be sunny after the sport.

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